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Who killed the Ballona Creek ROCK PEOPLE?


Not those kind of guitar slingin' Rock People who write Rock Operas...

I mean, we're talking real rocks here!



I alternate my daily walks between Dotweiler Beach and Ballona Creek.

Joggers, cyclists, fishermen from the bridge spanning the Creek, low swooping pelicans, seals and sea lions following the sport fishing boats in and out of the adjacent Marina Channel are all part of the scene...





As has oft been said, "People sure do a lot of strange stuff"...One day in mid-walk I noticed something different. Someone or ones had, at the creeks' rocky edge, gone to an awful lot of trouble to place several rocks on top of each other to create a sort of crude yet natural sculpture. Not once. Dozens of times. 


 The effect was pretty cool  and over the next few months I was kinda' tickled and amused to see the prolifiration of the Ballona Creek ROCK PEOPLE as they stretched for several thousand yards up the length of the creek. In a city where the usual public expression of art is to spray paint something, what a nice change of pace to see folks spontaneously get into a fun,and playfull simple artistic expression.

I even told myself little stories as I passed by them: How at night, when nobody was looking, they could walk and dance and make cold, icy love and that's where all the little pebbles came from...and...yesterday... when I was on my walk...

Oh, No!!!... This just can't be!!! ...They were knocked down and strewn about and returned to the creek-side rubble from which they had arisen.





I mean...hey...maybe it was some sort of official Beach & Harbors reason or some naturalistic cult of efete art critics called the Mayor to complain about using creek rocks without a permit or something ...or,...more likely...some jerks just like stomping on a dream and can't stand for anyone else to enjoy something nice and creative...It's not news LA is a tough kick down several hundred yards of creek-side delicately balanced rocks that form a several meters long assembly and display of ROCK PEOPLE...why...that's just mean and nasty for no good reason.

 Sure wish Columbo was still around...





November 08, 2011 @06:26 pm

I hate to tell you it was a homeless guy on a bike who was simply a 'hater'. We live in the apartments across the water and I had to suffer through watching hit kick them down routinely. But wait, there is a silver lining. I am a photographer and shot the statues for three weeks before the artist left for Europe...never to return. I knew they didn't stand a chance, so I shot for at least an hour a day. I will send a link when I've put them up. They are magnificent.

Robert Peterson
August 18, 2011 @02:10 pm

Hi Ari, Greetings from daneland, or Denmark as they call it. I happened to visit your site and come across your rock-a-side piece. That's so cool. Thank you with all my heart. Know their kin, the Trioliths of Denmark are planning on a return to BC. Best John

Dr. john
July 15, 2011 @02:03 pm

NOW it works! I'm sorry for all your reasons that people are so small and destructive. One could easily get discouraged and bitter. Anyway, love to you and Janet. Bob (Gypsy)

Dr. Gypsy
July 12, 2011 @09:53 pm

Lved the scrapbook (blog) story and pictures. Keep it up. Miss you guys. Hi, Janet!

Honey Bee

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